Welcome to the Church in Dahlonega

Sunday 9:30AM Bible Class | 10:30 AM Worship | 6:00 PM Bible Class
Wednesday 7:00 PM Bible Study

We are Followers of Jesus Attempting to Glorify God in all that we do

We are a group of people that are attempting to understand God’s will for us through regular studies of His word, by meeting together as commanded and exemplified by the 1st Century church to glorify God and enjoy fellowship with each other to gain strength from each other’s trials, failures and successes.

Ministries at Dahlonega

As the church, we want all to have an obedient faith in Jesus based upon biblical truth, to have an eternal hope and to hear that we have been good and faithful servants when Jesus comes to judge the world. We invite you to visit so we can meet in person.

What's Happening

There many opportunities for us to worship, fellowship and study God’s word. We invite you to come, worship and study with us by searching God’s word.